About Us

Brainwave started out as a free online bulletin board system in 1989. Our founder, tired of paying $4.00/hr to access America Online decided there had to be a better way. Brainwave BBS featured free online chat, games, file downloads and international email thru Fido Net. Brainwave BBS expanded to 3 phone lines and over 300 users. In 1993, at age 16, he could see the world was changing, and soon a new form of online services would be born. So he closed down the bulletin board, to work full-time to gather the funding needed to start such a venture.

On January 21, 1995 – Brainwave Computer Services was born in Delmar, DE. We started out with a single desk in the front of a copy store with a single box of used sound/video cards and modems. In November of 1996, we moved to a much larger store on Bi-State Blvd. in Delmar, and started up as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Business continued to expand as our reputation of quality computer repairs grew. Our ISP expanded to 64 analog phone lines, each with its own external modem connected to it. We then expanded in 1998 by opening a new, all digital Point of Presence (POP) in Harrington, DE with 96 additional lines. This gave us our first access into Kent County, DE – along with all digital 56k access to Sussex County, DE. By then we were also offering analog access as far south as Temperanceville, VA.

In August of 1999, we learned of the availability of a former computer store along Rt. 13 in Salisbury. We looking for a location for our next Internet POP in Salisbury, and the location was ideal to expand the computer store even further. With 3000 sq. ft. of space we had plenty of room for future growth, and grow we did. 1999 through 2001 was known as the “dot-com boom” and we expanded our Salisbury POP to cover even further west into Easton & Cambridge, along with extending our coverage into the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We peaked out with over 300 phone lines & over 5000 dialup customers.

During this time our computer store continued to expand, and we were able to stock the largest selection of computer parts & accessories in the Delmarva area. Every week we repaired in excess of 100 computers, and that became our primary focus. More and more customers cancelled dial-up Internet and switched to high-speed Internet offerings from Comcast and Verizon. We certainly didn’t have the capital and resources to compete with them. We made the painful decision to discontinue Internet service on July 1, 2012. We are extremely thankful for all of the years of loyal patronage our customers gave us, but we felt our time was best served focusing 100% on computer sales & repairs.

Today, 20 years later we are still proudly family owned and operated, with a small staff of knowledgeable local employees. We have survived the dot-com bust, the downturn in the economy, the double (or triple?) dip recession, and we are still going strong. We couldn’t do this without our loyal customers. Thank you!